Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming Home Soon

Hey all,
Sorry I haven't written in a while I've been ridiculously busy!! All of my school work is due in the next 3 weeks so I'm basically in crunch time. This would be a study break for me. Nothing to much happening here. I was supposed to travel to Italy last week but decided against it at the last minute. But no worries I will be going again in January when I get back from home. I am so happy to be almost home though. I miss you all soooo much it's been a long two months I don't think I've ever gone this long without seeing you all, actually I know I've never gone this long. But I guess it just makes you understand the importance of family and home a little bit more. Not that I didn't appreciate to begin with but still. Though I still am really really happy I'm staying here for the year I think I would have been so unhappy to just be here for a semester because I really am finally getting used to being on my own and figuring stuff out for myself which I think is amazing. I'm so happy I've done this though I really feel like I've grown so much since I've been here. I'm finally starting to come out of my shell and now I go up to people and meet them instead of waiting to be invited into a group. So I am very proud of myself for that. Also just being able to live on my own and with 5 other girls. Shockingly enough we have had no big problems we all have been really chill and relaxed which again with 6 girls all together is really suprising. I'm really excited for the people I've met over here they are so interesting and it's fun sharing cultures. I've decided it's one of my favorite things about traveling all the people who want to tell you about where they come from and are curious about where I come from. Even saying I'm an American doesn't actually turn them off so that's good. Though people here do love their american jokes, but all in good fun and most of them honestly I laugh at so I guess it's not that bad. It will be hard when I go back home in July, to leave everyone here but I guess their are ways to keep in touch and I have every intention of keeping in touch. Well study break over but I can't wait to see everyone when I get back I miss you all so much it's ridiculous. Love you all!!


Emma said...

oh baby girl. i am so unbelievably proud of you for all that you've achieved and how much you've grown. we haven't stayed in touch as well as we should have perhaps, but i know we'll stay just as close as we always have been.
oh, and btw...i can't WAIT to see you when you come home!!!
<3 emma

Anonymous said...

SEEEE I told you that you didn't need me there to break your shell! haha, miss your face. Come home soon